Which AC is the best one to purchase

Budget is a huge consideration when it comes to buying any home appliance, air conditioners being no exception. A good AC should not only be affordable but should provide great value for money as well. These are some Ac’s you can buy in this Summer. If you have decided to buy a unit air conditioner, the first thing you need to analyze:

Which AC is the best one to purchase?

  • Select the capacity of the air conditioner required for the room. A thumb rule is that about 100 sq feet floor area needs one ton of cooling .
  • You also need to consider the surroundings, whether the room is exposed to sunlight or shaded.
  • The air conditioner needs fresh air outside the room to work efficiently. There should not be any blockage at the back and no source of heat.
  • The moisture from the room, collected in the form of water needs to be properly drained out.
  • Getting the right capacity of air conditioner, calculated based on the area to be cooled, is also important.
  • If an air conditioner is installed in a curving hallway or in corner, it will not cool the other end of the room, because cool air does not travel around corners.

These points are the basic things which are important before buying an air conditioner. If you got the solution for all these points you will definitely pick the best AC for your home.