Top 9 Most Beautiful Hawaiian Beaches


9 Hapuna Beach, Big Island

Hapuna beach is one of the prettiest white sand beaches on Hawaii’s Big Island. It’s a part of state park, Hapuna beach. Hapuna beach is 1/2-mile-long and has the long stretch of stunning white beaches and smooth, calm and warm waters. Therefore, the beach gives the tourists excellent swimming weather. The beach provides all sorts of facilities including toilets, showers, picnic tables, toilets and car park. At this beach you can even find lifeguards on service all the time.

8 Ke’e Beach, Kauai

The stunning Ke’e beach, on Kauai Island’s northern end. Indeed the island’s endpoint of Kuhio highway. Ke’e beach is a part of the great Ha’ena State Park that includes spectacular walks, ancient Hawaiian sites and sea caves. Protected by the reefs of corals, this beach is renowned for its clear , calm waters. It provides the guests with outstanding swimming weather. The breathtaking Ke’e beach is ideal for relaxing, surfing, beach walking, snorkeling, scuba diving and paddling.

7 Makena Beach, Maui

This stunning beach is part of Makena State Park in the Maui Island district of south Wailea. The beach at Makena is also known as Big Beach. Makena beach, 1.5-mile-long, 30 m wide, is renowned for its stunning golden sands and smooth, pristine waters. Additionally, Makena beach features 330 sunny days a year. The Makena Golf Resort on Makena Beach is an impressive beachfront resort offering all sorts of facilities including restaurants, coffee bar, fitness centres, free Wi-Fi, shopping centres, bike rentals, parking, tennis courts and gold. From this resort you get a beautiful view of Makena beach.

6 Kailua Beach, Honolulu County

A must-see beautiful beach in Oahu Island County Honolulu. This is one of 35-acre Kailua Beach Park’s main attractions. Beautiful Kailua beach with soft, powdery beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters extends for 1⁄2 miles. It’s a great beach for families and youth. Because the waters of Kailua beach are fairly calm, you could go swimming here without fear. In the sparkling waters of Kailua beach, enjoy walking, diving, surfing, snorkeling, boogie boarding, kayaking and paddling.

5 Kaanapali Beach, Maui

Kaanapali Beach is a popular, busy beach in western Maui. This beautiful beach has more than 3 miles of white sands and crystal clear waters. Often known as Keka’a beach and canoe beach, Kaanapali beach is. Along Kaanapali beach there are many resorts and hotels. These beach resorts will offer you classic suites, restaurants, fitness centres, swimming pools and other amenities. Kaanapali is a perfect beach for those who enjoy watersports. The beach gives you excellent expertise in scuba diving , snorkeling, kayaking and sailing.

4 Punalu’u Beach, Big Island

Punalu’u beach is Hawaii’s prettiest black sand beach in the U.S. state. It’s named ‘Black Sand Beach’ as well. It is the flow of lava into the ocean which results in the formation of beautiful Punalu’u beach black sands. The black sands themselves are the biggest Punalu’u beach attraction. Surely it’s a wonderful sight to see. But bear in mind that removing black sand is forbidden here. Lined by the tall palm trees, the shoreline of Punalu’u offers plenty of shady areas. The shoreline of Punalu’u is rugged, and swimming here is not safe due to strong current. Photographing and walking it’s a fantastic beach though.

3 Hanalei Bay Beach, Kauai

The half-Moon shaped Hanalei bay located on Kauai’s North Shore is the Island ‘s largest harbor. At this bay, the spectacular windsand beach is more than 2 miles long and 125 feet wide. It is truly Kauai Island’s most beautiful beach, with magnificent mountains in the distance. The 300-foot pier is probably the first thing to catch your eye on the beach. The waves are not so high near the pier, so everybody can swim in fearlessly. Even this pier is used for fishing. A great spot to surf and bodyboard. Even the beach offers sports such as sailing, paddling, and kayaking. Hanalei beach is also known for its spectacular sunsets.

2 Waikiki Beach, Honolulu County

Perhaps the prettiest beach on Oahu Island. Located on Oahu county’s southern part of Honolulu, the Waikiki beach is famous for its 2-mile stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters. This is one of Hawaii ‘s busiest beaches too. In reality, Waikiki is a series of beaches-Duke Kahanamoku beach, Fort DeRussy beach, Gray beach, Waikiki beach and Kuhio beach. The Hawaiian language name ‘Waikiki’ means ‘Spouting fresh water.’ As the name suggests Waikiki beach waters are clear, warm and peaceful. Waikiki beach is an perfect place to surf and swim because its waters are calm.

1 Lanikai Beach, Oahu

The word ‘Lanikai’ from Hawaii means ‘Heavenly Sea.’ The Lanikai beach is as stunning as its name implies, with 1⁄2 mile of soft white sands and bright aqua blue waters. This stunning beach is set in Oahu’s windward coast. The Lanikai beach is covered by the reefs and provides the tourists with the perfect swimming conditions. The pretty Lanikai beach is one of Hawaii’s most famous photo shooting spots. Offshore at Lanikai beach there are two lovely islets. They call themselves Na Mokulua or Mokes. The South Mokula Islet is a bird-life sanctuary protected by the Government of Hawaii.