Top 10 Successful Tarot Tips for a Beginner


10 Do not Stick to the Rules

Please don’t break the rules. There are no tarot rules that must be followed. Always read the cards ethically, ignoring the musts and shoulds. Simply believe in yourself and do it with confidence. This will increase your ability to effortlessly read and memorise Tarot cards.

9 Pick a Couple of Keywords for Every Card

You do not have to rush through the procedure. Learn a few of keywords for each card to make the process more pleasant. Take it slowly and enjoy the experience.

8 Find a buddy

The wonderful thing about tarot is that every reader has a unique viewpoint on the cards, and if you have a study partner, you may benefit from each other’s knowledge. It will allow you to share your ideas and promote one other’s development.

7 Start with a Reading for Yourself

Those who claim that you can’t perform a reading for yourself should be avoided. You may use the cards as a tool for self-discovery, and you can be your own client when you first start out. Schedule a brief reading session with yourself on a regular basis.

6 Use your Intuition

It’s possible that this is easier said than done. Many readers have trouble tuning their intuition, yet all you have to do is take in the energy of the cards. Do not remember the meanings of the cards; instead, trust your instincts.

5 Understand the Picture in the Card

You must examine the image and determine what it depicts. Then you must link it to your own situation and draw lessons from it. You won’t have to memorise the cards or their meanings as a result of this. You will be able to read Tarot cards if you have mastered the art of understanding the images in the cards.

4 Take One Card a Day

Picking one card per day is the greatest method to study Tarot. Use the card to conduct your own reading and, at the end of the day, compare it to what occurred throughout the day. You must undertake this task on a daily basis and strive to learn something new each day. Things will become easier after a time if you do it correctly and regularly. You’ll be able to read any Tarot card quickly.

3 Choose a Simple Spread

You could be tempted to start with a popular but challenging spread, but one of the best tarot reading recommendations for beginners is to start with easy 1-3 card Tarot spreads. Things will get easier to read and study Tarot if you performed everything precisely.

2 Build a Connection with the Cards

The meanings of the cards do not need to be memorised or read like a book. You must establish a connection with the cards and search for instances in your everyday life to link to the same. Add a personal touch to the card to help you remember it.

1 Simplicity is the Key

Many people get lost in tarot’s intricate structure, but you don’t have to study all of the systems at once. Keep it simple by sticking to a basic spread with straightforward interpretations. Nobody can stop you from becoming a Tarot expert if you do it right. As a result, this is one of the most crucial suggestions for beginners who want to learn Tarot quickly.