Top 10 Reality TV Shows that are Completely Fake


10 The Real Housewives of…Pick any City.

Clearly, this is not reality tv. For one, before being put together and forced to spend enough time together, these women don’t really know each other. Outside of recording, they don’t all talk and they usually don’t move in the same circles, but they are asked to do so for recording purposes. That’s what triggers drama. They are asked to air their dirty laundry on TV, to cause fights in public areas, and instead of in private, to conduct their business on TV. It’s not orchestrated, but it’s clearly engineered to make things happen at a certain time and place, and it’s true for every woman in every city.

9 Hardcore Pawn.

This show is so fictional that it’s clear. All you have to do is see the actors on the show to see that their wars are utterly ridiculous and in no way even remotely plausible. They’re simply staged and the actors in the show try so hard to represent something so artificial that from time to time they can’t even get their lines right. In comparison, no actual company owner has a scheme that allows workers to disrespect their clients.

8 The Bachelor.

We know that the individuals selected to appear on the show are genuine, and that some of the contestants are genuine. But some of the women that are picked to be contestants on the competition have long been said to be actors who are paid handsomely to play a certain stereotype that makes television fascinating, such as the mean girl, the stupid girl, the sentimental girl, or the still very intoxicated girl. In addition, by outing others and their comments and by plying these women with alcohol so that they are more likely to cooperate, producers promote battles.

7 The Bachelorette.

What is more meaningful than a woman falling in love with a guy who doesn’t love her back? How about letting a woman believe that men are all there for her in the home, when there’s a possibility that only a couple are actually there? Many of the guests in this house are artists who are paying to be there, to be a certain kind of character and to make it exciting. And, of course, these are also the persons we care to the most and have the most fun with. That doesn’t say, though, that they’re there for the right reasons.’

6 Judge Judy.

We love her, but we don’t even hate her at all. She’s an appeal judge, though, which means that she doesn’t hear cases in actual court. She’s hearing stuff that’s still not in court. The people who are on the show are said to be paying to claim to have these concerns so that they can make good tv. Whatever’s working. It made Judge Judy popular and exceptionally wealthy, and it made us love her with her beautiful personality even more.

5 Dr. Phil.

Some people respect him, and some people think that he’s quite a dumb guy with a stupid attitude. I will reserve my decision and simply claim that he does his work without a licence. In the 80s, after he had an unhealthy relationship with a patient, he allowed to come to work with him, he first lost his licence, got it back and then it expired. There is a rumour that he has never renewed his licence and that, because he has not done so, he is not really working. That implies that his patients are not actual.

4 Hell’s Kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay and his very poor temper are known and respected by all of us, but there is some speculation that the show is fully scripted. In reality, the acting in this show is said to be so bad that it’s not even funny. Some say that you can recall them from previous series as you see the people dining in the scenes on this show, since they are just actors and actresses getting paid to do their roles to making sure the scenes are as successful as the creators wished they will be.

3 House Hunters.

This is a wonderful HGTV reality programme, but it’s been said for a long time that the people chosen for the programme are still staying in their homes and have already made their own. This suggests that although they are still staying in the house, they purchased only so they can entertain the world, they’re pretending to look for houses. After all, chasing couples around as they hunted for a home and could not locate one would be futile, so what a safe way to handle this ship.

2 Pimp My Ride.

All right, so on this episode, Xzibit was amazing, but it turns out he wasn’t as amazing as most of us would like to think. In reality, it turned out that it took as long as six months often for these vehicles to be taken care of and that most of them never actually ran, they only had props placed on them for display so that the tv cameras could look nice. It’s, you don’t suppose, a thought?

1 Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

There is no way of thinking that this is a performance that is genuine. There have been several occasions where even the participants on the show agreed that they were not able to share such topics with anyone they have a problem with before cameras are rolling around their families or able to. It is a loose depiction of what their lives are like, but given the way that they are sometimes exploited and asked to wait to live their lives before the cameras are rolling, it is not a true description of what their lives are like.