Top 10 Most Popular Dragons of All Time


10 Falkor Dragon

In the Fantasy land known as The Swamps of Sadness, Falkor, the marvellous furry luck dragon along with Atreyu (the hero) confronts a number of obstructions in their way to battle the evil Nothing. Falkor was one of the few survivors of The Nothing who almost consumed Fantasia and he helps Atreyu not only by his super-fast flight but with encouragement and hope.

9 Lollipop Dragon

This one originates in a television show, back in 1986 named ‘Lollipop Dragon: The Magic Lollipop Adventure’ where Lollipop Dragon along with his gang of friends saves the day following confrontation with Baron Bad Blood. Each time they successfully manage to beat the Baron Bad Blood form wining the Christmas Race and forcing everyone to eat his liver flavoured lollipops on Christmas. Duh!!!

8 St. George & the Dragon

St. George is England’s patron saint. According to the Christian hagiography, St. George (275-303 AD) became a venerated Christian martyr after winning a battle against a dragon therefore saving thousands of lives. There are many versions of the storey of St. George slaying the dragon but the most popular one goes like this – it’s called saving the damsel in distress. A town that was terrorised by a dragon decided to appease him by offering a princess. St. George upon hearing the news marched towards the dragon’s lair and slayed him right across his wings.

7 Saphira


Saphira is Eragon’s dragon in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. She is a descendant of Belgabad, the biggest dragon of his day, and is the daughter of a Rider’s dragon named Iormungr and a wild female dragon named Vervada. She was the one who decided to track down Eragon and use his abilities to combat evil forces. You’re a lucky man! Saphira is not only Erago’s mate and buddy, but also a guide who gently directs him in the correct way when he gets lost. She can telepathically communicate with her rider and provide the most advanced dragon-y advise when it comes to fantastical power. You should acquire yourself a dragon like Saphira.

6 Mushu

Mushu is a red dragon who appeared in the Disney films “Mulan” (1998) and “Mulan 2.” Mushu, played by Eddie Murphy at first and subsequently by Mark Moseley, is a comedic relief character in the movie. He’s arrogant, funny, rash, and self-centered. He used to be a guardian for Mulan’s family, but he was demoted after failing to safeguard one of the family members. Desperate to reclaim his former position, he persuades Mulan to join the army, risking his life, which he later regrets. Mushu has a decent heart underneath it all and is self-conscious about his stature.

5 Fin Fang Foom

Fin Fang Foom is a fictional character who appears in Marvel Comics’ American comic books. The figure has been portrayed as an alien dragon-like monster. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the character, which first appeared in Strange Tales #89. This badass dragon possesses a long list of incredible abilities, including superhuman strength, extreme durability, regenerating healing factor, acid mist breadth, telepathy, supersonic flight via wings, extended lifespan, gifted intellect, and advanced alien technology. Fin Fang Foom has fought alongside a variety of superheroes, including Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, and others.

4 Draco

Draco is a constellation that can be found in the far north. Its name means “dragon” in Latin. It was one of the 48 constellations listed by Ptolemy in the 2nd century, and it is still one of the 88 modern constellations. Draco is home to the ecliptic’s north pole. One of the protagonists was Draco, who was voiced by Sean Connery. This digitally created copper-scaled dragon was the best-looking and most realistic dragon ever seen onscreen at the time. Without giving too much away about the plot, Draco was the last living dragon in the film and had managed to provoke the wrath of a village. Draco is actually kind-hearted, wise, sarcastic, and unfailingly loyal, despite his fear.

3 Smaug

Smaug is the main antagonist in J. R. R. Tolkien’s 1937 novel The Hobbit, with his treasure and the mountain he lives on as the quest’s goal. He invaded the Dwarf kingdom of Erebor 150 years before the events depicted in the novel, and he was powerful and terrifying. One of them is Smaug, the fire drake. He is most likely the only dragon with up to 15 different names. He first appeared as a villain in Tolkien’s 1937 novel “The Hobbit,” where he is described as “a particularly greedy, strong, and wicked worm.” On the Lonely Mountain, he lived in a den where he guarded all the treasures. This one is a badass, so stay away from him.

2 Pete’s

It’s not as terrifying as it sounds, however Elliott’s naivety frequently gets him into danger, but he’s not as badass as Smaug. ‘Pete’s Dragon’ is a 1977 Walt Disney Productions live-action/animated musical picture about a little orphan named Pete who arrives in the fishing village of Passamaquoddy with his only friend Elliott, who defends Pete and occasionally gets him into problems with the locals. Elliott has the ability to go invisible and is typically only visible to Pete.

1 Puff

Puff, the magical dragon is a 1963 song by Peter, Paul, and Mary that became famous and sparked controversy when it was suggested that “puffing the magical dragon” had anything to do with marijuana use. Despite the fact that the song’s composers have frequently refuted this urban legend and have said unequivocally that no references to drug usage were intended, the urban legend persists. The lyrics recount the narrative of Puff, an ageless dragon, and Jackie Paper, his little companion. Jackie loses interest in Puff as he gets older, leaving the magical dragon alone and unhappy.