Top 10 Most Attractive Women Police in The World


10 Swedish Police

The Swedish Police Authority is Sweden ‘s main police regulatory body, responsible for the country’s law enforcement, general civil order, and public security.

9 Canadian Police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is Canada’s federal and national police service which provides federal law enforcement. The RCMP also provides provincial policing in eight provinces across Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan, all but Ontario and Quebec), and contract-based local policing in the three territories and more than 150 municipalities, 600 Aboriginal communities, and three international airports.

8 China Police

The Chinese People ‘s Armed Police Force is a Chinese paramilitary organization primarily responsible for internal security, riot control, counter-terrorism, disaster response, law enforcement and protection of maritime rights, as well as providing support during wartime to the PLA ground force.

7 Israel Police

Israel Policing is Israel’s civilian police force. Unlike most other police forces in the world, its responsibilities include preventing violence, regulating traffic, ensuring public health and counter-terrorism. It is under the jurisdiction of the public security minister.

6 Iraq Police

The Iraqi Police (IP) is the uniform police force in charge of enforcing Iraq’s civil law. … “IP” refers to Iraqi Police, and “ISF” refers to the larger security forces in Iraq. Lieutenant General Raed Shaker Jawdat is the current Commander of the Federal Police Forces.

5 German Police

The Federal Police is a uniformed German federal police force. It is subordinate to the interior federal ministry. Meanwhile, ordinary police forces are under the administration of the individual German states, and they are known as the Landespolizei.

4 Greek Police

Greece currently has universal compulsory male military service, under which all men over the age of 18 serve nine months. Women may volunteer to serve in the Greek military, they are not required to enlist as are men.

3 Ukraine Police

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2 Romanian Police

The Romanian Police is Romania’s national police force and primary civil law enforcement body. It is subordinated to the Ministry of Administration and Interior, and is headed by a Secretary of State General Inspector. Nothing but Romania to find the world’s sexiest army recruits.

1 Russia Police

Police is Russia’s federal law enforcement agency which operates under the Ministry of Interior. It was created in 2011, replacing the former police service, Militsiya. There is a popular view that Russia is a country for producing the world’s most beautiful girls. Wherever Russian girls rock their sports or modeling. Russian women are at the top spot in the world’s ten most glamorous women police forces.