Top 10 Male Celebrities who Faced Sexual Assaults


10 Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry, the media magnate, was sexually abused as a kid called Emmitt. He was sexually abused by a neighbour when he was approximately 5-6 years old, and later by a male nurse in a hospital. Then, in the name of God and the Bible, a man in the church sexually assaulted him. Tyler was also sexually abused by the mother of a buddy. Instead of finding comfort at home, his father physically assaulted and abused him there. His only way out was to mentally relocate himself to a park till the situation was resolved. In the church, he found temporary solace and pleasure.

9 Marilyn Manson

The Goth-rock singer, born Brian Hugh Warner, was exposed to inappropriate sexual exposure as a youngster when he used to visit his grandfather’s sex cave in the basement, where he was dazzled by heaps of women’s underwear and disgusting pornographic publications on bestiality, sadomasochism, and other topics. For a long time, he was subjected to frequent sexual attacks by a neighbour. An older male buddy once forced him to strip down and crawl nude into a small area so that the ‘friend’ could enjoy himself by caressing the helpless Brian. All of this left a mark on his psyche, yet he developed into a defiant, outspoken young man.

8 Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins, who was born Henry Garfield, was an enraged musician who had been subjected to several unwanted sexual encounters at a young age, all of which left a mark on him. He was already living in an unpleasant environment, thanks to his father, a war veteran bully, and his mother’s violent lovers, who beat and tormented him. He recalls a specific event in Greece in which he was dragged into a vehicle by the driver and sexually abused by him. He was only ten years old at the time. This was not a one-off occurrence. His father married a woman with a mentally ill son. This stepbrother abused him by drugging him and sexually assaulting him on a regular basis.

7 Axl Rose

Axl, then two years old and known as William Bruce Rose Jr., was taken by his father shortly after his parents divorced. William’s biological father sexually assaulted him after abducting him. His mother married a devout guy called Stephen L. Bailey, and he thought Bailey was his father until he was 15 years old. Bailey was tyrannical, banning everything from television to music and accusing them of being Satanic. He and his siblings were also assaulted by the guy, and William was introduced to sexuality at an early age after witnessing his sister being abused.

6 Tom Arnold

The comedian and actor played a paedophile in order to bring to life the reality of a sexual predator, which he had personally experienced. His single father used to leave him with a neighbour to babysit him when he was four years old, who enticed him with candy and raped him, calling the trauma a game. He began objecting when he was about 7, but the guy threatened to shoot his father. Soon after, Tom, terrified but desperate, walked into the neighbourhood with his father’s rifle, causing a commotion. The abuse ceased when the guy moved out, despite the fact that he didn’t tell his father or anybody else the truth. He just recognised what he had been through when he was 12 and read a book on sex education that he had been through sexual interactions.

5 Carlos Santana

The Mexican-American music phenomenon, whose eponymous band pioneered rock and Latin American music, had talked about his childhood memories of sexual assault in treatment for years before coming out in public. He stated that between the ages of 10 and 12, he was routinely enticed and assaulted by a man from Burlinton, Vermont. Carlos was lured to America approximately every other year, when his molester, dressed as a cowboy, purchased him presents such as clothing, food, and toys. The man then proceeded to sexually assault him. This continued until Carlos fell in love with a female, at which point the man smacked him across the face.

4 Ozzy Osbourne

Television personality and rock vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, born John Michael Osbourne, had a difficult upbringing growing up in a poor household of eight, and his sexual escapades left him disturbed and damaged. Bullies at his school used to frequently sexually attack him. Every day, two lads waited for him and would catch up with him on his way home from school in Birmingham. They used to have him strip naked, then touch and feel him up. This happened at regular intervals and appeared to last an eternity to him. But he couldn’t tell his parents about it, which made him even more embarrassed and distraught.

3 R Kelly

Robert Sylvester Kelly grew up in a house full of ladies who, according to him, used to walk around naked. One woman in particular forced young Robert to photograph her during her sexual sessions with her boyfriend. He was sexually assaulted by another lady when he was ten years old, and she continued to do so for many years. Even as a youngster, he saw that everything that was happening to him was wrong, but he was too humiliated to speak up about it. As he suffered through a terrible upbringing without a father, this made a lasting impression on him. Later in life, he began the infamous practise of courting and sexually assaulting minor teenagers.

2 Sid Vicious

The bass guitarist and vocalist of the band Sex Pistols, John Simon Ritchie, afterwards known as John Beverly, referred to himself as a punk. He was well-known for verbally and physically assaulting his audience members, yet despite this, he was adored by the same people. Sid was caught and imprisoned for 55 days on Rikers Island, where he was forced to endure a harsh detoxification. Sid was regularly subjected to different types of humiliating attacks while incarcerated. He was assaulted, raped, beaten, and mistreated. However, no one claimed to have seen these occurrences.

1 Tim Roth

Timothy Simon Roth, a British actor, made a splash with his directorial debut, The War Zone, which depicted the anguish of being molested while attempting to put some of the audience members in the shoes of the sexual predator. Because he is a child molestation survivor, he worked on the film largely to convey a tale about the topic. He was subjected to incestuous abuse as a youngster, and it lasted throughout his early adolescence. Rather than feeling traumatised, he sees himself as a survivor. Tim has never revealed the identify of the family member who abused him, although he has verified that it was neither his mother or father.