Top 10 Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Lost Files


10 Power Data Recovery

External storage device recovery is possible using Power Data Recovery software. It fixes damaged partitions on devices such as cell phones and iPods. This file recovery software is simple to use and can be downloaded for free. Even if you mistakenly deleted or lost some data, you may quickly retrieve them. You don’t have to go through the recovery process in its entirety; you can even pause and resume it.

9 Undelete 360

This is one of the best data recovery applications for it if you have lost your files due to any reason such as virus, unintentional deletion, software or computer problems, and so on. This is a free data recovery software for Windows that can effortlessly recover files from storage media such as memory sticks, pen drives, hard discs, and other similar devices. It can recover files from hard discs, USB/thumb drives, memory sticks, cameras, and smart phone memory cards, among other devices.

8 Cisdem Data Recovery

Cisdem data recovery tool is a professional recovery wizard for Mac OS that comes with a free trial and a lifetime licence for only $50. It helps users to safely recover photographs, files, movies, and other data from any storage medium, and it has two scanning modes: quick scan and deep scan.

7 Recover my files

This software has all of the capabilities that a good recovery programme should have. It provides a solid visual representation of what should be recovered first from the destroyed file. It offers a customizable UI that makes it easy to locate lost photographs. The only flaw in this software is that it doesn’t come with a bootable disc for searching for files on a non-bootable device.

6 Disk Drill

Disk Drill is also one of the greatest data recovery programmes from a commercial standpoint. It has a free trial and a paid edition that works with all operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS. It aids in the recovery of over 200 different file kinds. It also allows us to backup our data on a regular basis, in addition to providing excellent data recovery. The free version allows for only 500 MB of data retrieval, which is insufficient for even a home user, while the pro version costs $89. Even in the pro edition, this software has a problem in that it does not provide free upgrading service.

5 Data Rescue Mac

Data Rescue Mac has received numerous revisions, the most recent of which being Data Rescue 4 Mac. It’s easy to use and quite effective on Macs. The best thing about this data recovery tool is that it provides a company with a wide range of useful features. This software is user-friendly even on Mac OS, and it walks with you from infancy to tomb.

4 R-Studio Windows

This software has both pro and simple data recovery tools and can recover practically any file format. It recovers data from accidental deletion to complete system and disc failure. From a commercial standpoint, this software is excellent because it offers customer help in a variety of languages, including English, German, and French. The issue with this software is that it is difficult to use and requires substantial professional understanding to retrieve data.

3 PC Inspector File Recovery Software

It is a free data recovery programme that works with all Microsoft operating systems and supports the FAT and NTFS file systems. PC Inspector gets files from network drives and stores them. The only disadvantage is that it only recovers a limited number of devices. You can also use this software to recover files that have been lost, hacked, erased, or damaged.

2 Stellar Phoenix 5

This programme can recover files and data in a straightforward manner. Stellar phoenix can retrieve files in over 150 different file formats. Most data recovery software includes a pro version that allows you to recover a big amount of data, and stellar phoenix is no exception. It offers a global customer service team, however the sole issue is that its home use goods lack advanced capabilities.

1 EaseUS Data Recovery Software

It is the most popular and extensively used recovery wizard, capable of recovering any file format from a computer or removable device in a short period of time. In the free version, this software only recovers 2 GB of data, but in the pro or paid version, it has an ultimate recovery capability. The biggest drawback of this software is that it does not offer technical help; nonetheless, it is generally excellent.