Top 10 Beautiful Belly Dancers


10 Dina Jamal

Dina Talaat, an Egyptian actress and belly dancer, born in 1965, holds a Philosophy Master’s degree. Dina also started her dance career in the 70s with dance troupe Reda. In the world of belly dancing she quickly gained a special reputation for herself. In reality, Dina created a change in the history of belly dancing by transitioning to western costumes such as bikini and shorts. In addition, she frequently plays for a hefty amount at private parties and weddings.

9 Maya Maghraby

Although just a few dancers may even consider getting near to Egypt ‘s iconic belly dancers, Maya Maghraby oozes creativity. Today, Maya Maghraby performs and functions at some of the highest profile events. In addition, Maya cites Samia Gamal as her inspiration for music, and likes to perform Warda songs. In fact, she insists that wearing the right clothes improves the efficiency by about 30 per cent. Like Samia Gamal, the global popularity of Maghraby brought her to numerous locations, from Cambodia to Istanbul.

8 Syrena Nikole

Syrena Nikole is an international artist and is a variety performer, model, belly dancer, and singer. Syrena Nikole in particular started dancing at the tender age of three. She has performed throughout New York in various events and Arabian themed shows. Syrena ‘s dance, in particular, draws on ancient techniques and modern ones to create her distinct style. Eventually, with a number of props, Syrena Nikole performs like palm candles, feather fans, sword etc.

7 Sadie Marquardt

Sadie Marquardt, a popular Bellydance star, is a well known celebrity in 40 countries across the globe. Sadie Marquardt was born in Wisconsin, Usa and has always been a sportswoman. She usually led off her profession as a gymnast and swimmer, before plunging into belly dance. Currently Sadie Marquardt is conducting classes and performing at different events. Often called the reigning queen of the solo drum, she and her killer dance videos took the internet by storm. In end, Sadie now lives in Colorado and when she doesn’t fly teaches belly dancing.

6 Sama El Masry

Sama Attia Hadaka is a popular Egyptian Belly dancer, or Sama El Masry. Not to mention, after graduation from the Arts school, she started her career on a T.V. station. However, since 2008 Sama El Masry has also acted in films.

Sama El Masry also wrote and starred in the movie “Ala Wahda We Nos'” in 2011. However, this movie was caught in a controversy for portraying women media workers in a bad light. As a result, Al-Azhar and the media union requested a boycott of the movie. She began to produce satirical content on Youtube by 2013 however. Eventually, after she released a video praising Abdel el-Sisi and condemning Barack Obama, Sama gained widespread popularity.

5 Lia Verra

Born in Greece and raised in Germany, the dancing trial of Lia Verra started at a very young age. And, from a very young age, Lia Verra began learning belly dancing from teachers of international renown. Often considered to be one of the finest and most versatile Oriental artists, the reputation and fame of Lia Verra has reached far-reaching areas.

4 Amani

Born in Lebanon and popularly known as “Amani,” Angel Nabil Ayoub is immensely famous for her ability to dance in the belly. In addition, Amani followed the belly dancing aggressively amid rather strong resistance. In addition, Amani has been creating her own style of belly dance since 1989, while distinguishing the Egyptian from the Lebanese. A trained dancer in particular, Amani wishes to cleanse Oriental dance from its distorted image and create a respectable form of dance. Finally, Amani ‘s dance performances are a pioneer in belly dance, and include a variety of dance forms such as Baladi Oriental and Pharaonic dances.

3 Amelia Zidane

Amelia Zidane, who was born in Grenoble , France, started studying dance and attended theater against her family wishes. Established as the sexiest living Oriental belly dancer, Amelia Zidane trained to become a child psychologist but she was taken to Paris by her love for music. In comparison, the cross-cultural form of Amelia’s belly dance is unique and breathtaking. Noted mostly for her strength and imagination, she dances with almost all accessories like a python or spear.

2 Alla Kushnir

Currently Alla Kushnir holds the title of the most versatile dancer among her contemporaries with a captivating smile. In reality she was taught by the world-famous dancers Mahmoud Reda and Tarik Sultan. In addition, Alla Kushnir is part of the group of Eastern European belly dancers who rely on passion, vitality, agility and power. Essentially, the winner of ‘Miss Bellydance Europe 2008,’ the graceful yet exotic movements of Alla Kushnir, make the audience want more.

1 Rachel Brice

Rachel Brice, a professional belly dancer from Tribal Fusion Style, Portland, came into contact with belly dancing when she was 16 years old. She actually joined Atesh for lessons right away and made her living by dancing at restaurants. Rachel studied Odissi Classical, Kathak, Modern Dance, Flamenco, African Haitian, and American Belly Dance while in college in 2000. In addition, she also worked in Ultra Gyspy, the first Tribal Dance troupe in America. Miles Copeland, a music mogul, discovered her later on and Rachel performed for nearly five years with his “Bellydance Superstars.”