In this article we will tell you the best launcher for 2019 :  Launcher Plus One is a relative newcomer to the launcher scene, especially next to storied launchers like CMM Launcher, but Launcher Plus One is a light little launcher that doesn’t quit and uses gestures in a few really good ways. First and foremost, like so many recent launchers, Launcher Plus One is one of the best launcher for modern Android, which can help you customize your home screen with various cool live wallpaper, cool Themes and icons, etc. You can also hide apps to protect your privacy with this smart launcher.

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Fastest Android Launcher
Fastest Android Launcher

Launcher Plus One : fastest launcher for android

Launcher Plus One is one of the best launcher for modern Android, which can help you customize your home screen with various cool live wallpaper, cool Themes and icons, etc. You can also hide apps to protect your privacy with this smart launcher.

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Best Android Launchers For 2019
Best Android Launchers For 2019

CMM Launcher : Best Android Launchers For 2019

With featuring and friendly interface, minimal battery consumption, speedy mobile searches and UI customization, it protects your privacy from third parties and offering the ultimate theme make over of your phone looks by delivering free themes for android and wallpapers with HD resolution every day! All this makes it different from the other “best launchers for android phone”!

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Best Android Launchers For 2019
Best Android Launchers For 2019

Let’s start with the default launcher, or at least the one that comes on your phone if you get one of Google’s Pixel phonesPixel Launcher is clean and fast. It also might remind you a little bit of iOS with the new round icon design and translucent menu bar at the bottom. It’s only for Google’s phones, though with a little trickery you can sideload the APK yourself and give it a try. (In fact, we’ve got instructions on how to do so for both the Galaxy S8 and LG G6.) Google is introducing a number of interface changes with the new Pixel 2 phones, such as a dock search bar, notification dots, and more, so the Pixel launcher is going to be among the first to see this new wave of features.


Best customization launchers

Do you want full control over your home screens? Want to set more than just an app grid and a widget or two? Want to make your home screen look and act the way you want? Then you want a customization-based launcher. Often called theming launchers because theming is one of their more obvious uses, these launchers are for far more than just making your home screen look pretty; they’re for making your home screen function more efficiently and more effectively for your life.

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By giving you control over gestures, advanced UI controls, and almost every aspect of your launcher experience, these launchers let you customize the way you interact with your phone in ways that truly exemplify the Android experience. These two customization-based launchers dominate much of the third-party launcher market, and there’s a very good reason: they’re awesome.

Recently, both of our best customization launchers began offering companion apps to add a Google Now pane to your home screen. The implementation is fairly stable and straightforward on both versions, but be warned that the addictive Quickdrawer and Google Now pane are mutually exclusive on Action Launcher for now.

Best customization launcher: Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is over 5 years old, and this storied launcher has been a major player in the Android launcher market longer than most of us have used Android. The reason for this continued dominance is simple: Nova’s mix of customization, convenience, and cunning are unparalleled. Nova lets your phone look more Pixel-y than a Pixel and more TouchWiz than a Galaxy S8 and does it with ease and grace. In fact, Nova’s biggest strengths are things that are hidden in plain sight, like its pocket ace Subgrid Positioning or its excellent backup system.

When we build themes for our Android Central readers, 9 times out of 10 the launcher we use to build it and to share it with you is Nova Launcher. It’s an excellent launcher if you want to build complex themes or if you just want a smartly laid out launcher with excellent gesture controls.

Runner-up: Action Launcher

Action Launcher is one of the most popular launchers on the market, and the watchword of both the launcher and its users is QUICK. Quicktheme, Quickdrawer, Quickpage, Quickbar, quick, quick, quick. Action Launcher is determined to be a launcher that gets what you need doing quickly so that you can get back to doing what really matters on your phone: wasting hours on gaming and Netflix. To ensure that Action Launcher can be the quickest and best launcher for users who want to set everything up just so, Action Launcher has taken it upon itself to be one of the most customizable launchers on the market, from its robust gesture controls to its ubiquitous Covers and Shutters to hide folders and widgets under a seemingly plain looking app shortcut. Action Launcher is also quick to support features from the newest version of Android, including Adaptive Icons, Notification Previews, and App Shortcuts.

There’s a reason it’s the only launcher Phil uses (miss you, Modern Dad!), and that’s that Action Launcher is damn good at what it does. While it’s not quite as intense as Nova Launcher, it’s a launcher that’s incredibly… well, quick about getting you set up and on your way.

Download Action Launcher (Free, in-app purchases)

Best smart launchers

Tired of having to tell your launcher where you want everything? Want a launcher that will learn which apps you like and use more and put them at your fingertips? Want a launcher that knows where you are, what you’re doing, and wants to help? You’re looking for a smarter launcher, and luckily we’ve got some launchers that are looking to learn from you and bring the most intelligent launcher experience they can to your phone.

Best smart launcher: Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Yahoo bought its way into the launcher game with Yahoo Aviate Launcher years ago, and the launcher’s done fairly well since its acquisition. Aviate uses a combination of the Google Now-like Smart Screen and predictive collections to help you find what you want quicker and keep your launcher experience light and quick. Aviate figures out where you are and what time of day it is and serves up relevant collections, so you can better handle those activities. For example, if you plug in your headphones, it offers you quick access to media controls and your favorite music apps.

Aviate excels for having a high amount of polish and minimal maintenance, even though you might lose out on some customizability.

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Runner-up: Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher 3 is a lot more customization-based than Aviate, but it’s still a launcher with algorithms and intelligence at its core, sorting your app drawer into five categories and putting a search bar at the top of your launcher screens. Smart Launcher 3 has some interesting theming support, including its iconic “Flower” QuickStart layout for the apps on your home screen and its new Icon Pack Studio, but its implementation of widgets and item placement on its home screens keeps us from calling it a true theming launcher.

Smart Launcher 3’s real magic come from the app drawer and the search bar, where optimization and search can help you find the apps and information you need quickly and easily. It’s also beginning to toy with launcher features from Android Oreo, starting with notification badges!